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7 July 1969
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Hello! I'm just starting out in making "real" icons for Livejournal, so bear with me while I fumble through learning. I started out with Photoshop many years ago, switched to Paintshop Pro when PS became more complicated to use, and have now gone back to PS to take advantage of selective color and other options not available in PSP. So basically, I'm learning in dual mode. :P CS is very different from the old PS 5 and 6 I remember. So far, I've made a few icons that I like and use myself, and quite a few that just didn't turn out right, but I'm not gonna give up just yet!

I tend to take and use my own anime screenshots. It's just easier to get the pic I want that way.

Umbra Venatus, the name of this journal, is my (likely incorrect) translation of "Ghost Hunt" into Latin. *cough* Ghost Hunt being one of my fandom obsessions.

I am:

... highly disorganized, unfortunately. It takes me forever to find the brushes, textures, etc., that I want to use in this mess called my computer. :P

... a dreamer and have tons of ideas of things I want to make, but I'm also easily distracted by a new dream or idea. I have far more unrealized ideas than projects I've followed through on.

... a strange person. XD

... a woman of many fandoms, so don't be surprised to see graphics of totally random and unexpected things. But, you're mainly going to see anime here. And jrock. Lots of jrock.

... a terrible singer, but I always have music playing while iconing. Ahem. Just be glad you can't hear me.

... a doller. I got my true start into digital art while making pixel dolls. I still make dolls on occasion, but not nearly as prolifically as I used to. I may post dolls here from time to time. Yep.

... a tablet user! Yay for tablets. :D I love my Wacom even if it's too darn big for my workspace. It sure comes in handy for dolling and coloring stuff.

... a space cadet. I tend to forget to check my email regularly and don't always respond to comments right away. It's a failing of mine and probably not one that will change anytime soon. Sowwie.

... a frequent creator of tl;dr posts. ^_^'' Sorry again!

My personal journal is here: kaze_gaara, though it's not very exciting. :) It's mostly public, but highly personal stuff is friends only.
Graphic Use Information and Rules
Friending policy on this journal: You don't need to comment or ask. Just add. I'll most likely add you back whenever I can. :)

Icon policy:
  • Textless icons may be used as bases unless specified otherwise. I'm not very good at adding witty or meaningful text, but if you are, more power to you! Go for it.

  • Comments are awesome as are concrits on how I can improve. :) Flames, not wanted and will be ignored. You'll probably be banned from commenting in this journal too.

  • Please don't hotlink to my icons. Hotlinking is just lame. Upload them to your own host.

  • Don't take them and claim them as your own creations. That's also lame.

  • Icons may be used anywhere outside LJ: forums, MySpace, GreatestJournal, etc, as long as credit is given somewhere. (Just don't hotlink, yanno?)

  • Please credit either umbra_venatus or kaze_gaara when using icons. If you don't know how to credit, here's a handy example:

Graphic Resources Credit
I'll be listing resource credits for icons made as I complete them. If you notice I've used something of yours and I failed to credit, please let me know with a comment.

Brushes, Textures, Gradients, Patterns:

Screenshots and Bases:


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